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Welcome to the premiere of our fourth edition of The Scoop, the official Newsletter of Cameron & Company. Here you will find exciting details about our special events and upcoming workshops. We offer a variety of workshops: Yoga, Massage, Zumba, Gardening, Health & Nutrition, Art and so much more! Support Groups for NAMI are also available. As a multifaceted service provider, our services offer individuals with insight and perspective on holistic treatment options.

Services such as The Stress Stop, Bonded by Love and other related Counseling Treatment Programs are designed to assist individuals to gain knowledge and understanding about the complexities of life Issues and how to effectively move through the treatment process. To describe Cameron & Company’s services, there must be an understanding about the nature of holistic therapy and treatment.

Holistic Treatment is centered on evaluating the mind, the body, and the spiritual core of a person. Understanding these components within a person’s being can help individuals take account of all aspects of life that affects each component.

According to major scientific studies, a holistic approach towards treating emotional and mental illness have been found to be more beneficial to individuals within counseling and other healing activities. Within the process of treatment, individuals can expect healing in family life, relationships, and individual issues.

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The Stress Stop is Cameron & Company’s latest venture. The concept is one of assisting; individuals, families, couples and groups in the exploration of ways of bringing their lives back into balance by reducing stress. In this stress reduction center  our clients are assessed and participate in holistic treatment planning around the issues they present. Our therapist offer support for our clients while they  move through the steps of implementation of their treatment plan.

Cameron & Company

Cameron & Company has  selected as its initial location of The Stress Stop: 1310 Rodman Ave Portsmouth, Virginia , 23707. Here we see clients at appointed times as well as provide home visits for our elderly and homebound clients.  In order for our clients to fully explore stress reduction our location will host special events and demonstration classes as well as interactive groups.